There are two main fees to consider when booking Jacqueline Smith Photography to take your photographs. The first is a commission fee which is payable upon reserving your photoshoot date. The second fee will be for your photographs which is payable upon selecting and then placing an order for your chosen photos.
Commission Fees START at: £25.00+
Digital Photo Files are: £15.00 each
Professional Prints start at: £11.10 plus postage
Photos can be bought individually and there is no minimum spend.
For Event Pricing, Packages, Print Enlargements, Framing, Photos on Canvas, Branded JSP USB Card, Photobooks and Photo Albums: please see the additional pages in the menu bar for information and pricing.
Commission Fees are based on the nature of your photoshoot and ideally, how many photographs you might want from your shoot. This means if you only need a few headshot photographs you only pay a small commission fee that reflects this. However, if you want to book Jacqueline for a lengthy family photohoot with 30 photographs to treasure, then your commission fee will be more to also reflect this.
Jaccqueline’s photoshoots are currently FREE but the commission fee pays for the following work:
1) Time spent selecting the very best photos from your photoshoot.
2) Processing each photo in the digital dark room.
3) Retouching and refining each photo for a professional flawless finish.
4) Uploading your photos to the website to your personal and private viewing gallery.
When it comes to selecting your photos from your shoot, you only purchase the photos that you love. However, if you purchase many or all the photos from your shoot then 5 to 25% is taken off the full price.
A Commission Fee Guide:
2) 10 PHOTOS
3) 15 PHOTOS
4) 20 PHOTOS
5) 30 PHOTOS
6) 40 PHOTOS
To purchase all 5 photos (digital files)
To purchase all 10 photos (digital files)
To purchase all 15 photos (digital files)
To purchase all 20 photos (digital files)
To purchase all 30 photos (digital files)
To purchase all 40 photos (digital files)
£71.25 (includes 5% off)
£138.75 (includes 7.5% off)
£202.50 (includes 10% off)
£255.00 (includes 15% off)
£360.00 (includes 20% off)
£450.00 (includes 25% off)
Commission fees are fully refundable 8 weeks before your photoshoot date and are not refundable 2 weeks or less before your photoshoot date. Between 15 and 55 days, commission fees are refundable in part. See terms and conditions for full criteria.
Jacqueline can be booked for arts events photography from 1 hour to a full day event. Please see relevant page in menu bar for full details.
Digital photo files are sent to you via dropbox. The official Jacqueline Smith Photography branded USB Flash Card is also available for your digital photo files. Please see relevant page in menu bar for full details.
Please make your photo selection within 2 weeks of receipt of proofs to benefit from the 5 to 25% offer. 3 weeks is allowed for multiple clients who have had a group photoshoot. Your photos are kept safe, and you can place orders for your photographs after this time, however, late orders may incur a £15.00 admin fee.
The prices in the private viewing galleries exhibiting client's photoshoots do not include postage and packaging costs. This cost is calculated when receiving your order. Postage & Packaging will be clearly detailed in your invoice.
The limited Edition Art Prints pricing does include postage and packaging.
Jacqueline does not charge travelling time costs but when required to attend locations at a distance of further than a 20 mile radius from Godalming, Surrey then 0.90p per mile is chargeable.
The preferred method of payment is via online bank transfer. Alternative forms of payment include paypal and cheque. All payment details are written on your invoice.