what to wear
Once you have booked your photoshoot the next thing you will want to consider is what you will wear during your shoot. Below is a helpful guideline, please do not hesitate to contact Jacqueline if you require any further advise.
For Portraits:
Solo Portraits: Complete freedom to wear what you love best and feel really good in.
Group Portraits: Whether there is only two of you or a large family portrait, it is important to discuss together and agree on an overall look and feel to the clothes that you will wear. Agree on a simple colour palette; for instance: Blues, creams, and beige enhanced with an accent colour for accessories such as red or purple. You can opt for simple colour or mix it up a little with pattern. Also agree on the feel of your clothes, for instance: agree to all keep it casual with jeans being a major theme. Or if it is a warm summer’s day agree on a summery theme utilising linen, soft light fabrics such as chiffon, white t-shirts and florals. Bright and vibrant clashing colours can look incredibly striking too! You get the picture.
For Dance:
It goes without saying but the most important thing is that your clothes do not restrict your movement. Simple leotards or leggings are good. Fabric that moves as you dance such as chiffon skirts or dresses look amazing. You can wear shoes or dance bare-footed, what ever feels good for you but bear in mind that your dance location will give you a new set of issues to deal with, such as an uneven ground, soft sand, twigs etc. Feel free to bring a change of clothing to the shoot location. It is not a problem to have a few clothing changes during your shoot.
For Bands:
Bands normally have their ‘own’ look and style. The band’s image should reflect the music you write/play. On band promo photography shoots Jacqueline will try and capture your image and reflect the music you play in her photography. If you have a band website, photographs, and just as importantly, have any of your music that Jacqueline can listen to, well before your photoshoot date, then this will help Jacqueline find the right location and capture the image and sound of your band on camera. Same as for group portraits, it is essential for your band to talk together and agree on the look and colour palette of the clothes that you will all wear during the shoot.